Car Insurance for Uber Drivers in Ontario

The rapid rise of the ride-sharing economy is causing big changes to auto insurance in Canada. Many new Uber drivers are looking for car insurance and it is creating a shift in the industry.


Auto Insurance- FAQs & Myths

Our team gets asked a lot of different questions about auto insurance, and often what people thought was true, was actually a myth. At Ostic, we want our customers to understand their auto [...]


5 Situations Where You Need a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy

Looking for an inexpensive coverage option to protect you in a variety of situations? A personal liability umbrella policy will stack on top of your existing homeowner’s insurance, offering [...]


What You Need to Know: Individualized Auto Insurance Ratings

What are ‘individualized auto insurance ratings’? Recent advances in big data analytics have altered the way that insurance companies structure their policies, allowing them to track more and [...]


The Risks of the Sharing Economy in Ontario

The landscape for the sharing economy has drastically changed within recent years with the development of services like Uber, Turo, and AirBnB. These “peer-to-peer” services hold great promise, [...]


New Auto Legislation in Ontario

  If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you may have heard that the FSCO (Financial Service Commission of Ontario) is making changes to auto insurance rates and coverage. [...]


Guelph Hula-Hoop-A-Thon for Hunger on May 28

What is ‘Hooping for Hunger’? This amazing event aims to raise funds and increase education around hunger issues both locally and globally—using a hula-hoop-a-thon!


Watch Juno Winner Morgan Davis perform live at the Red Brick Café

Come out on Wednesday, May 11th to see Juno Winner Morgan Davis perform live at the Red Brick Café in downtown Guelph!


Food and Craft Show Frenzy in Shelburne

Get ready for food, crafts and a frenzy of fun!


Internet Security and Your Car

2016 is the year we’re supposed to see an increase in cyberattacks against cars. That’s right, you read it correctly: cyberattacks on your car.

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