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Since 1880, The Ostic Group has been a top insurance brokerage in the community of Fergus. Learn more about our tailored insurance packages..

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About the Town of Fergus

The town of Fergus was founded in the 1830s by Scottish settlers, Adam Fergusson and James Webster, who purchased lands along the banks of the Grand River to make their homes. The town was the location of the first curling club in Canada in 1834 and a local mill that used the waterfalls of the river to power local industry.

Along with the neighbouring town of Elora, Fergus’ location along the Grand River and its 19th century limestone architecture has made it a popular tourist destination in Southern Ontario. The town is well-known for its strong Scottish roots and plays host to Canada’s largest Scottish festival and highland games each summer.

Fergus is the largest community in Wellington County, around 20 minutes from the nearby city of Guelph and 30 minutes from Kitchener-Waterloo. Among its other attractions, Fergus is the site of the Wellington County Museum and Archives, located in the nearby hamlet of Aboyne, as well as a local Ontario Rugby Union Club.

Our History in Fergus

The earliest historical reference for the Fergus Office of The Ostic Group Insurance Brokers is an operating contract from the Economical Mutual Insurance company, issued in 1880 to A.C. Hamilton. The origins of this family-owned business stayed true through to 1934, when J. Milligan became involved.

Family roots once again took hold in 1966 when Ivan Ostic purchased Northmore Insurance, Youngblood Insurance, McNiven Insurance, and eventually bought out Milligan Insurance the next year. Ivan’s sons entered the business in 1979 and 1981. Brokerage acquisitions through the 1980s included the purchase of Hawkins Insurance, Guelph Insurance, and the Gilchrist Agency business. A merger with Waind Insurance brokers took place in 1995 — another long-time family and community-based business.

The company continued on its family-owned journey as Tom Waind became vice-president of Ostic Insurance Brokers in 2001 and Jamie Ostic assumed the presidency the same year.

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Our Insurance Services

At The Ostic Group, we offer a wide range of personal and commercial insurance policies for homeowners and business owners in the community of Fergus.

At The Ostic Group Insurance Brokers, we are proud of our involvement in the Fergus community. We are insurance brokers with a community orientation, and we love supporting community organizations and fundraisers that have done so much for us. Some of our recent involvement include:

Fergus Community Organizations

  • Members of the Lions Foundation of Canada
  • Donated to the Christmas Parade

Fergus Community Sports Teams

  • Sponsored Fergus Minor Hockey
  • Sponsored Highland Rugby
  • Sponsored Youth Soccer
  • Sponsored Co-Ed Softball
  • Donated to the Groves Memorial Hospital
  • Donated to the Walk for Haiti
  • Organized a ball hockey tournament for the Power of Play
  • Participated in the Relay for Life
  • Donated to the Curl for a Cause

Fergus Cultural Events

  • Sponsored the Fergus Highland Games

Fergus Agricultural Events

  • Donated to the Fergus Fall Fair
  • Donated to the Poultry Show
  • Donated to the Holstein Show
  • Donated to the Ploughman’s Association

Contact Information for the Fergus Office

210 St Patrick Street W, P.O. Box 245
Fergus, Ontario
N1M 2W8
Phone: (519) 843-2540
Fax: (519) 843-7171

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