Types of Seasonal Use Properties

We know that there is more than one type of property that needs coverage. This is why we have multiple insurance options available to suit your specific needs. See below for types of Seasonal Use Properties covered, as well as discounts and additional coverage available.

Year-Round Cottage

This type of property is characterized by complete access through a year-round, fully maintained roadway, which fire protection services can use to access the property. Year-round cottages have fully winterized construction, including central heat, running water, and similar amenities to a principle residence

Seasonal Cottage

This type of property is characterized by access through a year-round fully maintained roadway or seasonally maintained roadway. Access to seasonal cottages can often also be made by snowmobiles in the winter months. The construction of the cottage can vary between rustic and fully winterized, with heating sources ranging from a wood stove, fireplace, space heater, electric or any combination of these.

Cottage Rental

This type of property is characterized by holding a Year-Round or Seasonal Cottage that could be rented out on a weekly or monthly basis.

Vacant (Recreational) Land

This type of property consists of acreage that has no permanent structures on the property and is used for recreational purposes. These purposes can include a site for a seasonal vacation trailer, or activities like snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, or camping.


This type of property is usually part of a recreational complex, such as a ski resort, golf course, or general vacation property. It also includes trailers located on rented lots in seasonal trailer parks, as well as mobile homes that are used for recreational purposes.

Coverage Offered

The insurance protection available for a seasonal residence varies according to a few characteristics, including:

  • Access available for fire protection services (open & maintained roads)
  • Construction quality
  • Use of the dwelling or property. The heating source if any will have an impact on the insurance coverage available for the property.

Coverage is offered as required for the dwelling, outbuildings, personal contents permanently located at the premises, as well as the Personal Liability Insurance Protection for the property owner and their family. If the property is rented to others, Loss of Rental Income coverage can also be obtained.

If the seasonal property is part of a Condominium Complex then the following coverage would be offered

  • Improvements & Betterment to the Unit
  • Condominium Contingent Coverage
  • Loss Assessment Coverage

Homeowner Specific Discounts

Multiple policy

Claims free

New construction

Age related discounts

Renewal discounts

Optional Coverage

Guaranteed Replacement Cost on the Dwelling

Replacement Cost on Contents

Sewer Backup

Vandalism & Malicious Acts

Glass Breakage Coverage

Burglary Damage

Theft of Contents


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