RV, Motorhome & Travel Trailer Insurance

Recreational vehicles (RVs) like motorhomes and travel trailers are popular choices for people looking to travel in the comfort of their own vehicle. However, your RV is not just your vehicle — it’s also your home when you’re on the road.

You can think of RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailer insurance policies as a combination of both home and auto insurance packaged together. So whether you’re heading out on the open road, or relaxing for the evening in a scenic campground, your RV will always be protected.

The selection of motorhomes and travel trailers are endless, so it’s important to choose the insurance rating that is best suited to your specific recreational vehicle. See below for types of motorhome insurance and trailer insurance we cover, as well as discounts and additional rating available.

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RV Insurance

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are a type of motorized vehicle that include living quarters where you can eat, sleep, and relax while you’re travelling. Most RVs will include a kitchen, bathroom, and one or more sleeping quarters.

There are two main types of RVs: (i) motorized RVs and (ii) towable RVs. Motorized RVs, typically referred to as motorhomes, are self-driven vehicles that are divided into three classes, based on their size and amenities (see below for details).

Towable RVs will need to be attached to a car, truck, or other vehicle to travel from place to place. They can also be referred to as travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, or pop-up tent trailers, depending on the model.

Motorhome Insurance

Motorhomes are a self-driven vehicle, specifically designed and manufactured to include living accommodations for the purpose of recreational travel.

There are a variety of motorhomes available on the market for people who want to live out the RV lifestyle, including:

  • Class A Motorhomes are the largest model of motorhome, generally sleeping 8-10 people and featuring a full kitchen and bathroom, along with optional outdoor setups.
  • Class B Motorhomes are also known as ‘sleeper vans’ and are the smallest type of motorhome available. They are great for couples and offer better convenience and affordability than other options.
  • Class C Motorhomes are similar to Class A, with many of the same amenities, although less space. They are a good medium-sized option for a large family or small group traveling together.

Travel Trailer Insurance

A travel trailer, as known as a caravan, is towed behind a road vehicle to provide a place to sleep that is more comfortable and protected than a tent.

Travel trailers are a convenient and versatile option if you are looking to expand your on-the-road lifestyle. Travel trailers come in a range of sizes and styles to suit anyone from a single traveler, to a couple, to a large family.

Depending on your trailer, you can expect amenities ranging between the level of a Class A and Class C Motorhome. As a result, it is easy to find a travel trailer to fit the demands of your budget and requirements.

Fifth Wheel Trailer Insurance

Fifth-wheel trailers have a goose-neck hitch that hooks to the bed of a full-size truck. These hitches are similar to the trailer attachment systems that tractor-trailers use to haul heavy loads. When they’re properly installed, fifth-wheel hitches are in the truck’s bed, between the cab and rear axle.

Fifth-wheel trailers have become an increasingly popular option for RVs. They offer more space and amenities than a travel trailer, offering a similar level of luxury to a Class A Motorhome, but they can also be parked for greater convenience and the ability to explore.

Pop-Up Tent Trailer Insurance

A pop-up tent trailer is light-weight, affordable trailer with pull-out bunks and tent walls that collapses for towing and storage.

Pop-up tent trailers are easy to stow and haul. They are very compact and do not require a truck to haul them, making them a preferable option for smaller weekend trips.


These snowmobiles are designed to be nimble and fast on the trail. Performance snowmobiles usually have a higher output engine and a lighter weight than other snowmobiles.


Do you have an existing home or auto insurance policy with us? Multi-policy discounts are available for RV, motorhome, and travel trailer insurance in Guelph, Elora, Fergus and Shelburne.

Optional Rating

Do you need extra coverage for your RV, motorhome, or travel trailer? Customize your policy with these additional coverage options.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Make sure that you are prepared for any emergency. If you like to roadtrip over long distances in your RV, emergency roadside assistance is a great option. Our coverage includes options for 24-hour towing service, lockout service, fuel delivery, battery boosts, and more.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Are you concerned about high replacement costs in the case of repairs? This coverage provides guaranteed replacement costs for select parts of your RV, motorhome, or travel trailer. Talk to our brokers to learn more about your options.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

If your RV or motorhome breaks down while you’re on vacation, you may need to incur additional expenses related to travel or accommodation. Make sure that your policy includes coverage for those unexpected hotel rooms, rental cars, and more.

Sewer Backup

Did you know that you can also get sewer backup coverage for your vehicle? Sewer backup insurance is a popular choice for homeowners, designed to protect you in situations where backup or discharge from a sewage tank damages your living space. Now you can also purchase this coverage for your RV or motorhome.