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Insurance is for more than just homeowners — if you are a tenant or a renter, insurance is just as important.

At the Ostic Group, we believe that tenants and renters living in Elora, Fergus, Guelph, and Shelburne should have the protection that insurance offers too. This is why we offer a range of tenants’ insurance and renters’ insurance options.

See below for information about the importance of tenants’ insurance/renters’ insurance, types of buildings covered, as well as discounts and additional coverage available.

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Personal Contents

Insurance will help you replace your personal belonging in the event of a insured loss. Fire, wind damage, lightning strike, theft, and vandalism are just some the perils you can be protected against.

Additional Living Expense

Insurance will help you pay for the expense of having to obtain temporary accommodation, such as hotel bills and other costs associated with being removed from your residence, such as restaurant bills and moving expenses.

Personal Liability

Insurance will offer protection for claims made against you for damages to persons or property because of your negligence. This would include the cost of defending the law suit made against you.

Tenants Legal Liability

Insurance will protect you in the event you cause unintentional damage to your apartment, or your neighbours, because of an accident. This would include the cost of defending the law suit made against you.

Building Type

The type of building you rent can impact the insurance coverage required. See below for the types of buildings covered.

 Detached Building

A detached building is usually a house that the occupied by a single family. The materials used to make this building usually include a wood frame, with brick, stone, or vinyl siding on the exterior walls.

 High Rise Apartment

A high rise apartment is a building that is constructed of reinforced concrete and steel. Most North American style skyscrapers have a steel frame, while residential blocks are usually constructed of concrete. There will typically be an elevator in this building type. Another term used in the insurance industry for this sort of building is “fire resistive”.

Multi-Unit Apartment

A multi-unit apartment could be any structure that contains residential apartments. The building materials used are usually a wood frame with brick, stone, or vinyl siding on the exterior walls. Examples of these including: duplexes, triplexes, sixplexes, townhouse units or multi-story apartment buildings.

Commercial Exposure

Commercial exposure refers to any residential apartment that is in a structure that also contains any business office, retail store, restaurant or manufacturing process. Typically, the cost of tenant/renter insurance in this type structure would be higher then in the other structure types mentioned because of the inherent risk generated by the commercial exposure.


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Optional Coverages

Replacement Cost on Contents
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Identity Theft Protection
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Home Based Business
Extension of Liability to other Locations
Increased Limits for unscheduled items such as Jewelry & Fine Art