Farm Insurance Programs

We have farm insurance programs designed to meet the insurance needs of farm oriented activities and operations including, but not limited to the options below.

Cattle / Beef Farm Insurance

Grain Farm Insurance

Dairy Farm Insurance

Horse Farm Insurance

Poultry Farm Insurance

Swine / Hog Farm Insurance

Exotic & Unique Livestock Farm Insurance

Organic Farm Insurance

Custom Farming Insurance


A Farm Insurance Policy can provide insurance coverage to protect the farmer against the following situations:

  • Damage to the dwelling and personal property of the farmer and his family
  • Damage or loss to property or assets owned by the farm
  • Resulting financial loss caused by the disruption of the farming activity due to damage to property or assets
  • Acts of crime that results in damage to property or the loss of assets
  • Financial loss should you be sued because of property damage, injuries, or death caused by your services, products, business operations, or your employees.

Farm Owners’ Package Policy

This package of insurance coverages is designed to cover the usual property and liability exposures associated with farming. These include the dwelling, personal contents, premises and personal liability protection for members of the immediate family of the farmer. The policy can be amended to include coverage for Farm Outbuildings, Farm Machinery & Equipment, Farm Produce, Farm Livestock, and Business Interruption protection in the event of an insured loss.


Dwelling(s) on the farm property are those that are occupied by the farmer and his family. Other dwellings including rented dwelling & employee residence the farm property can also be protected on this policy.


An outbuilding is a structure on the insured property that is not attached to the dwelling and is not used in whole or in part for some commercial business activity. Examples of Outbuilding Types include: Garages, Workshops, Garden Sheds, Pool Sheds, Fences, and Gazebos.

Additional Living Expense

An additional living expense covers the additional costs of living that are incurred by the policy holder should the policy holder be temporarily displaced from their place of residence. This can include the loss of rental income in a multi-family dwelling.

Personal Property

Personal property coverage includes all personal property owned by the homeowner and his immediate family. There are limitations within most homeowners policy for damage or loss to personal property including, but not limited to, cash, securities, jewelry, furs, collectables, and watercraft. Further, business property that is kept at the dwelling will also have a limitation of coverage. This coverage can also be extended to students away at school.

Personal and Farm Liability

Public liability provides protection for an insured for claims arising out of unintentional bodily injury of another person or loss or damage to the property of others as a result of the insured’s negligent activities arising from personal pursuits of the insured or the insured’s farming operations.

  • Coverage for bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of the sale of farm products
  • Coverage for bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of completed operations of the insured away from the farm premises
  • Coverage for bodily injury or property damage claims arising from the operation of up to three self-propelled farm vehicles
  • Coverage can be extended to additional owned or rented locations including vacant farmland
  • Coverage can be extended to cover other farm income producing activities including but not limited to:
  • Farm Produce
  • Pick Your Own (Ground Crop) (e.g. strawberries, peas)
  • Pick Your Own (non-Ground Crop) (e.g. apples, pears)
  • Sale from Roadside Stands or Market Stalls
  • Custom Farm Work
  • Custom Spraying
  • Dog Kennels or Pet Boarding
  • Horse Boarding Stables
  • Hay or Sleigh Rides
  • Welding & Machinery Repair
  • Corn Dryer Operation
  • Bed & Breakfast service
  • Receptions and Social events
  • Rented Dwellings or Land

Limited Pollution Liability

Protects the farmer, who qualifies for the coverage, against liability arising from sudden and accidental pollution incidents that cause bodily injury property damage and clean-up costs, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording.

Non-Owned Auto Liability

The non-owned auto policy provides coverage for loss or damage arising from the use or operation of any automobile not owned in whole or in part by or licensed in your name. The purpose of the Non-owned Automobile Policy is to protect you as an employer when employees operate vehicles not owned by the employer on behalf of the employer. If you have employees you should consider a Non-owned Automobile extension to your liability insurance coverage, since you could be sued whenever an employee has an automobile accident while on farm business in their own vehicle.

Umbrella Liability

Is a special form of liability policy designed to protect the you for certain unknown contingencies over and above the normal coverages and to provide excess insurance. This policy will only usually respond if your primary Farm General Liability Policy limit is insufficient to pay the judgment or the policy does not provide protection for the action you are being sued for. Please contact us to review your policy limits and potential liability exposures and your possible need for an Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy.

Farm Outbuildings

This covers buildings on the farm property including barns, sheds, grain bins, feed tanks, silos, and tarp building. This policy is subject to conditions, as farm outbuildings can be insured on a replacement cost basis, however, most farm outbuildings will be subject to a Rebuilding Clause. This clause restricts payment to 50% of the amount payable at the time of the loss. Subsequent payments up to the limit of coverage are made when repair or replacement of the damage structure is complete.

Farm Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment

Farm machinery includes farm tools, machinery and implements common to the operation of a farm, while in use for agricultural purposes. Included in this category are self-propelled farm vehicles such as tractors, combines, and any other mobile farm implement used in the business of farming. Stationary equipment such as feeding and milking systems, silo unloaders, manure handling system and electrical equipment will be in this category. Items of farm machinery and equipment can be individually scheduled on your policy or you can, with some limitation, purchase a blanket limit of coverage for a class of equipment.

Mechanical breakdown insurance covers equipment such as boilers, other fired or unfired pressure vessels, and mechanical or electrical equipment used for generation, transmission or utilization of electrical power. Coverage is provided for both damage to the insured equipment, as well as other insured property that is damaged by the breakdown of the equipment.

Renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, micro-hydro and anaerobic digestive systems can be insured for loss or damage to the equipment including mechanical breakdown, loss of income due to an insured loss, and liability insurance protection should the power generated be sold to the hydro grid.

Farm Produce

Farm produce includes anything that is a product of the soil, including harvested crops such as hay, straw, grain, corn, beans, as well as milk and eggs. Farm produce includes commercial feeds, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and unharvested crops in the field that are damaged by fire with a limitation of coverage per acre (as defined in this policy).

Milk Contamination Coverage Extension

An extension of coverage can be purchased for the value of milk originating from the insured’s premises that is condemned by the Ontario Milk Marketing Board as a result of contamination by:

• Animal medications
• Presence of a cleaning solution;
• Failure to activate the bulk milk cooling tank.

Loss of Rental Income

Coverage can be purchased to protect against the loss of rental income because your building is unsuitable for occupancy after an insured loss occurs.

Business Interruption

This coverage will apply in the event your farming activity is unable to continue as the result of an insured loss to your farm buildings or livestock. The purpose of the coverage is to cover all or a portion of your lost earnings caused by the insured peril.

Semen and/or Embryo and/or Semen Tank Coverage

An extension of coverage can be purchased for value of livestock semen, embryos, or refrigeration tanks on all risks basis subject to policy wordings. This coverage would include losses caused by changes in temperature due to the escape of liquid nitrogen from the tank in which the semen and/or embryos are stored.

Farm Livestock

Farm livestock includes all animals held for sale or use in the farm operation. These can include horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hog, poultry, or other types of livestock. Farm Livestock can be insured on a blanket basis with a limit of coverage applied to the entire herd. A maximum amount payable defined for any one animal and/or individual animals can also be scheduled with an assigned amount of coverage supported by a valuation appraisal.

Coverage can be extended to protect against loss caused by hardware, animal birth, bloating (commonly known as frothy bloat), physical injury to animals causing death or destruction, and rabies (in excess of government payments).

We can offer protection for the opportunity to recover veterinarian expenses incurred when the insured livestock are injured, but do not die or require destruction. This coverage can only be offered for horses and cattle. In addition, coverage can be purchased for the expenses necessarily incurred for the roundup of escaped livestock from the farm premises.

Heat prostration coverage can be purchased for confined livestock such as poultry and hogs. This would be used in the event of their death due to change in temperature or atmospheric conditions as a result of the insured perils causing physical damage to the heating or ventilating system and the apparatus supplying power to those systems. Livestock mortality coverage is available as well. but is usually limited to individual animals that have a high value due to their rarity or breeding pedigree.

Loss of Rental Income

Coverage can be purchased to protect against the loss of rental income because your building is unsuitable for occupancy after an insured loss occurs.

Extra Expense Coverage

This coverage is designed for the farmer that must remain operational during the period affected by damage caused by the insured loss. Extra expenses may be incurred if you have to carry on business at another location (e.g. barn rental, equipment rental, transportation costs).

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