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Country home living provides homeowners with a range of opportunities that extend beyond those available to city dwellers. Everyone has their own reasons for living in the country instead of the city. Perhaps it’s the fresh air, the open space, the ability to enjoy your hobbies, or even the opportunity to live more sustainably.

At The Ostic Group, we understand these aspirations. We know what it means to live in the country. We appreciate the unique needs of people living in rural areas, and we have the right insurance solutions. Our newest coverage, Country Living Aspire, is tailored specifically to meet the needs of people living in the country.

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It’s Not About Farming, It’s About Lifestyle

Living in the country doesn’t mean you are operating a farm. It’s not about cattle, it’s about lifestyle. It’s about the freedom, the privacy, and the ability to live out the life you’ve always wanted.

Whether it’s driving your ATV through the woods, installing tracker solar panels, operating your lawn tractor, or enjoying hobbies in your workshop, you can enjoy all of this when you are living the country lifestyle.

Country Living Aspire offers coverages that are focused specifically on the needs and lifestyles of country home owners. This new coverage provides enhanced inclusions that are not found in your typical comprehensive homeowner insurance policies.

Extra Protection For Extra Peace Of Mind

Do you have a pond and watercraft? How about an oil tank or generator? Do you operate a Bed and Breakfast? Do you have a golf cart? Have you installed a wood stove? Do you have a shed or workshop?

Many insurers will either not provide coverage, or adequate coverage, to rural homeowners for these types of property enhancements. In some cases, insurers will add a bunch of riders to your plan — but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are better covered and often just makes you feel like you are paying more.

We know that rural homeowners have different needs and live differently than people in the city. Country Living Aspire is designed for homeowners who have these different lifestyle situations and who require coverage that goes beyond the basic and limited structure of a traditional homeowner insurance plan — and without a million extra riders and confusing clauses.

Above And Beyond

Home insurance plans generally include some level of coverage for replacement of items in the home and for liability — Country Living Aspire offers extended and enhanced coverage unlike any other plan.

Highlights include:

  • Upgraded Smart and Energy Efficient appliance replacement, instead of simply replacing your appliances with replacement value.
  • Unlimited contents coverage for a student living away from home.
  • Unlimited contents coverage for a family member living in a healthcare facility.
  • Enhanced household pet expense coverage.
  • Included liability coverage for people who are Directors or Officers for non-profits.
  • Ability to have a cash settlement on contents coverage.
  • Mortgage rate protection for two years.
  • And much more.

Country Living Aspire

We are excited to offer our customers this new, specialized country property insurance coverage. We know the enhancements and features of Country Living Aspire will provide you with the right kind of protection. To learn more about this product contact The Ostic Group today.