Insurance for Travellers

Wherever you are in the world, go with confidence. TuGo Insurance brought to you by The Ostic Group offers comprehensive insurance coverage for Canadian residents:

  • Emergency Medical Insurance
  • COVID-19 Coverage for Vaccinated Travellers
  • COVID-19 Coverage for Unvaccinated Travellers
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance 
  • Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Accidental Death or Dismemberment Coverage
  • Baggage and Theft Insurance
  • Sports and Extreme Activities Coverage
  • Rental Car Coverage

Find a travel insurance policy that aligns with your trip, budget, and needs.

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Who is TuGo Insurance for?

TuGo is a totally inclusive travel insurance provider specializing in helping Canadians and visitors to Canada. They provide coverage for the following types of travellers:

Canadians Travelling Abroad:

When you choose TuGo you can travel with coverage for everything from lost baggage to emergency medical expenses.


TuGo ensures that mature travellers are well protected. They will also coordinate your medical services if you become sick or injured.

Sports Enthusiasts:

Has it always been your dream to skydive in the alps or go diving along the Great Barrier Reef? The Ostic Group and Tugo Insurance have got you covered.

International Students:

If you are a Canadian who has made the exciting choice to study abroad, you will want comprehensive health insurance for the period you are away.

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Coverage

COVID-19 insurance is covered under Emergency Medical Insurance for vaccinated travellers. Unvaccinated travellers can add coverage for COVID-19. This coverage includes physician and hospital treatment for up to 1 million dollars, as well as quarantine related expenses if you test positive, are diagnosed while on your trip, or you are required to quarantine.

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