Commercial Auto Insurance

At The Ostic Group, we know that your business relies on its wheels. Make sure your commercial vehicles are covered with proper insurance. Commercial auto insurance be used to protect a wide range of vehicles and equipment for your business, including:

  • A motor vehicle of the truck, tractor, van, or utility-type used for business or commercial purposes.
  • A private passenger type vehicle used for commercial delivery purposes.
  • A trailer intended for use with a commercial automobile.

Regardless of your vehicle type, if you are using it for work then it needs to be covered by a commercial auto policy. Learn more about your options below.

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Business Types

At The Ostic Group, we offer a wide range of commercial auto insurance policies for different business types. From retail and wholesale delivery to long-haul trucking and fleet ratings, we can help you to develop the best commercial auto insurance program for your business needs.

Read below to learn more about insurance for your business type.

Retail Delivery

Retail delivery is defined as the final shipment of the product to the end user of the product. The delivery often involves a single item on an on-demand basis, and the product being delivered is sold to the end user by the owner of the vehicle making the delivery.

The type of product, the type and size of vehicle used, and the distance traveled will impact the cost and availability of commercial auto insurance for retail delivery. Request a quote from our team today.

Wholesale Delivery

Wholesale delivery is defined as the bulk distribution of product prior to the retail sale or delivery. The delivery schedule usually involves set routes and scheduled times for delivery and the product being delivered is sold to the “wholesaler” by the owner of the vehicle making the delivery.

The type of product, the type and size of vehicle used, and the distance travelled will impact the cost and availability of commercial auto insurance for wholesale delivery. Request a quote from our team today.

Long & Short Haul Trucking

Truckers that deliver goods either on a retail or wholesale basis for others are primarily rated on the basis of the distance and the jurisdiction that they travel to complete their delivery. The type of cargo and vehicle used to transport it are also important factors in determining the availability and cost of insurance.

Long haul trucking out of the province to either the United States or other Canadian provinces will have implications on the availability of commercial auto insurance. Request a quote from our team today.

Fleet Rating

Fleet Rating is another method that can be used to determine the cost of insuring your commercial vehicles. The premium developed will, in most cases, be less expensive than if the insured vehicles were rated on their individual exposure.

In order to qualify for Fleet Rating, a business or individual must have a minimum of five self-propelled vehicles that have common ownership and are used for a business purpose. Motorcycles, ATV’s, or snowmobiles cannot be included in a fleet rating.

Contact our team if you think that you may qualify for a Fleet Rating.

Garage Auto Insurance

Commercial operations including auto sales and repair garages, car parks, car washes, and valet services, among others, should carry a Garage Auto Insurance policy.

This policy protects the owner of the business while they may be operating or in possession of their client’s vehicles, as part of the service provided by
their business. This policy can be extended to provide protection to owned vehicles used in the business such as service vehicles, loaner vehicles, and
vehicles held for sale.

Contact our team if you would like more information on this type of policy.

Specialty Commercial Auto

Commercial auto protection for businesses such as taxi and limousine service, tow truck operators, vehicle daily rental service, or a business that offers long-term leasing of vehicles have unique insurance needs that we can help you to understand.

Contact our team for more information on specialty commercial auto insurance.

Vehicle Use & Purpose

At The Ostic Group, we can insure commercial vehicles for a variety of different uses and purposes. Our team can help develop the best commercial auto insurance program for your business needs.

Read below to find out more about your insurance rating options for commercial vehicles in Ontario.

Artisan Use

Vehicles designated for artisan use will be light weight commercial type automobiles that are not used to pick up and/or deliver materials to a job site. They are used mainly to transport tradesmen and their tools to the job site, and are generally immobile during business hours.

This category does not allow for delivery and limits personal use of the vehicle to 10% of the time it is driven. Contact our team to learn more about a commercial auto insurance policy for artisan use today.

Request a quote from our team today.

Commercial Farm Use

Commercial farm rates apply only to vehicles that are used almost exclusively on farm property, with limited public road exposure. There must be no retail or wholesale delivery of produce or animals to market, otherwise regular commercial rates apply (i.e. Market Gardener, Feed Mill, Livestock, etc.).

Farm rates are low in order to reflect the minimal exposure anticipated. They are applicable only where the truck and private passenger automobile are insured in the same company, or where the truck is over 4500 kgs GVW.

Learn more about commercial farm insurance here.

Farm Retail/Wholesale Delivery

Many farmers have seasonal or occasional wholesale or retail delivery needs, which often take place during harvest and planting seasons. Typically, this requires amending the vehicle from a Farm Use rating to a higher cost Wholesale Delivery or Retail Delivery rating, due to the increased exposures.

For more information on the different ratings for farm vehicle insurance, read our Farm Insurance page or contact our team today.

Seasonal Delivery

Seasonal deliveries are deliveries that occur during specific times of the year, according to the nature of the farming operation. Otherwise, vehicles are largely immobile and used exclusively on farm property with limited public road exposure for the rest of the year.

Some of our insurers have developed an alternative to the above rating shift that will allow the involved vehicle to be rated for farm use and have a surcharge applied for the delivery exposure. Contact our team to learn about the Seasonal Delivery rating today.

Gross Vehicle Weight

The Gross Vehicle Weight or (G.V.W) of a vehicle is defined as the curb weight of an automobile plus the maximum load capacity specified on the vehicle ownership as the registered gross weight.

  • Light Weight Vehicles have a G.V.W of 4500 kgs/10,000 lbs or less
  • Heavy Weight Vehicles have a G.V.W exceeding 4500 kgs/10,000 lbs

List Price New

The retail price new including taxes and permanently attached equipment.

Radius & Area Of Operation

The radius of operations from the home base of the vehicle and the location(s) in which the vehicle routinely operates will impact the cost of insurance.

Driver Experience

Operator experience with the size and type of vehicle as well as their experience operating the vehicle on its intended use. The conviction and claims record of the operator will also be considered.


At The Ostic Group, we offer a number of discounts on commercial auto insurance, including:

  • Multiple policy discounts
  • Multiple vehicle discounts
  • Conviction-free discounts

Your discounts can be maximized by combining all of your insurance needs with one insurance brokerage.

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My family and I have used the Ostic Group for years now and its been a great experience!Never difficult to speak with someone when I have a question and they are always looking for ways to save us money.Love seeing them give back to the community too!
Matt McQuade
Matt McQuade
18:03 26 Aug 20
When it comes to insurance, it doesn't get any better than these folks. Super responsive, very friendly, always trying to help, and unbelievable rates. They insure everything for my family and my business and they are awesome. Local, real people, no call centre's, just good old fashioned customer service with a smile! Keep it up. Ostic Group, seriously, you never cease to amaze. Oh ya and Dana is amazing!!!!
Rob Murray
Rob Murray
21:45 11 Jan 20
I have dealt with OSTIC for years. They never miss a beat. Good old, fast, friendly, professional service. 🙂
Stefan Wiesen
Stefan Wiesen
16:54 05 Nov 20
I have used The ostic group over 10 years. I find they are very knowledgeable and there to help. I will stay with them for years to come.
Linda Goodyear
Linda Goodyear
12:42 17 Jan 21
I recently purchased my first car and needed insurance. My friend referred me to The Ostic Group and I am so happy they did. Jessica Dewey was so helpful and went out of her way to get insurance for me, even offering to stay late on a Friday to get the paperwork filled out! Being a first time car owner, I didn't know where to start or what was the best plan for me. Jessica was very informative and made me feel very comfortable throughout the application process. Highly recommend!
Melanie Bartlett
Melanie Bartlett
14:34 26 Oct 16
I've recently received home & life insurance from The Ostic Group and have been very pleased. I'll be completely open on this review in saying that they are a client of where I work, but this did not sway my decision.Jessica Flanjak and The Ostic Group team were helpful while presenting my options. Jessica made it a simple and delightful process. I feel very good about my decision and will be switching my auto insurance over to The Ostic Group as well.
James Burgie
James Burgie
14:05 17 May 17
This whole team is incredible to work with. They not only have a massive focus on giving back to the community, but they are all passionate about insurance and making sure their clients have the right coverage. The Ostic Group insures my business, my house, and my car and in every interaction they always go above and beyond. Keep up the amazing work, we are lucky to have a business like yours in our community!
Paul Demarco
Paul Demarco
01:51 28 Oct 16
The team at the Ostic Group are all amazing to work with! Quick responses, fair quotes and a friendly staff that know their stuff, the Ostic Group should be considered by all when looking at Insurance needs. Jessica Flanjak was a huge help when I was looking for home and auto insurance and her willingness to help in any way possible made my experience with them too-notch! Keep up the great work - would highly recommend.
Ryan Vielma
Ryan Vielma
17:11 25 Oct 18
After meeting Jessica Dewey on a happenstance years ago, I have always turned to her for insurance advice as I know she has always had her client's best interests in mind. When I switched brokers to Ostic Insurance, it was the best decision I have made as Jessica always notifies me of changes in my policy, and works dilligently to get me the best insurance coverage at the best rate possible. She is always there to answer any questions I have in a pleasant, professional manner, and I am delighted to not only refer to her as my insurance broker but also as a friend.
Allison Mammoliti
Allison Mammoliti
13:14 20 Mar 23
I am very satisfied and happy with my broker at the Ostic. Very professional.
michael Park
michael Park
15:34 20 Mar 23
Jessica Dewey has provided excellent service for my home, auto and travel insurance needs. I highly recommend her and the team at Ostic!
D Drake
D Drake
19:03 17 Mar 23
Jessica Dewey has always been a great help with all of my insurance needs. Thanks for all the great work!
13:35 17 Mar 23
Always had great experience with our broker, Jess! She's found us the cheapest rates every year for over a decade! Will never use another insurance broker
Simon Ko
Simon Ko
01:25 18 Mar 23
Hello,Jessica Dewey most definitely deserves five stars. My wife Nancy and I recently purchased a home in the Village by the Arboretum. When we contacted Jessica to obtain insurance coverage she was extremely helpful in every way. She provided mutiple options and thoroughly explained all of the need-to-know details. Jessica clearly cares about her clients and it shows in her professional, efficient and friendly manner. It is a pleasure to know and work with Jessica..............thanks!☺Ron and Nancy Hansen
Ron Hansen
Ron Hansen
18:48 17 Mar 23
Very friendly. Quick turn around for responses to any questions you may have. Always finding the best insurance and cost for your needs. Highly recommend this company and to deal with Lisa Robertson.
Nicole Self
Nicole Self
20:10 17 Mar 23
I have been a customer of Ostic Group Insurance for several years now, and I have nothing but great things to say about them. As a local company, they really care about their customers and go above and beyond to make sure they find the best insurance product for your needs.Working with Lisa Robertson has been an absolute pleasure. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to ensuring that her customers are satisfied. I have always felt valued as a customer, and I appreciate the personalized attention that I have received.Overall, I highly recommend Ostic Group Insurance to anyone looking for excellent service and great insurance options. Thank you for all that you do!
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
01:12 27 Mar 23
I have received amazing customer service with Ostic Insurance for over 10 years. Jessica Dewey has always done a great job finding me the best rates. She is always cheerful and a pleasure to chat with. I highly recommend Ostic to my friends and family.
Steven Keenan
Steven Keenan
20:55 27 Mar 23
Our family has been dealing with OSTIC insurance for nearly 35 years. When we had the misfortune of experiencing a car accident a number of years ago, our agent Lisa, was exceptionally courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in dealing with our many questions and eventual car replacement. If Lisa doesn’t have a “quick answer” to any of our questions, she is very thorough in her investigation, and usually responds within 24 hours! Hats off to Lisa, and the other wonderful staff, at OSTIC insurance in Guelph.
Mary Bickley
Mary Bickley
15:15 04 Apr 23
My experience with The Ostic Group Insurance was and continues to be an outstanding service to my insurance needs. Jessica Dewey gave my business and home needs the utmost care as she packaged everything together in a professional way. I am very happy with the continued communication from her team. Thank you Jessica!
Barry Bauman
Barry Bauman
18:38 17 Mar 23
Been a customer for almost 35 years now (Guess that alone ages me!!)Never a problem with any of the staff really. The odd thing is missed or is incorrect. However, they are quick to fix anything you need.My regular agent went off on maternity if my memory serves me correctly, and lately, I have been working with James. He has gone above and beyond and is relatively quick at resolving inconsistencies.We would and have recommended Ostic to others.Take care everyone at Ostic!R. LOWE
Rebecca Lowe
Rebecca Lowe
19:40 02 May 23
The greatest experience and best decision I’ve ever made when my husband and I switched to Ostic Group in 2016. I directly deal with Lisa Robertson. She always has our best interest at heart, and she is always so wonderful and friendly to deal with!! Thanks again Lisa for the amazing customer Service!
Natalie Brimblecombe
Natalie Brimblecombe
21:36 17 Mar 23
I have used the Ostic Group for a while now and recently got assigned to Mikayla. What can I say, she makes insurance easy! Yes you heard me, insurance and easy in the same sentance. I would never go back to a traditional insurance company again, go see Ostic and hope you get the awesome Mikayla.
J Robinson
J Robinson
18:52 26 Jul 23
I have been with Ostic Group insurance for quite a few years for both my personal and business needs. Lisa, Julie and anyone else I’ve dealt with have always been great, prompt in responses and very knowledgeable in their industry. Would highly recommend!! Thumbs up to a great team! Thanks gals!
Diana Gatto
Diana Gatto
17:18 23 Mar 23
Jessica D. and everyone at the Ostic Group has been phenomenal to work with over the past 6 years. I have never, not for a moment, worried about whether I have the best car and home insurance coverage! Highly recommend!
Cassandra Hammond
Cassandra Hammond
02:33 03 Apr 23
We’ve been dealing with Ostic for about 10 years now. In fact, we’ve recently moved our house insurance over to them also, because they are so great to deal with! Thank you, Jessica Dewey, for always answering our questions promptly and professionally. This is very much appreciated!
Mary Piper
Mary Piper
16:01 17 Mar 23