Landlord Insurance

Owning a residential rental property is a growing trend among homeowners in Ontario. As the landlord for a rented dwelling, it’s important to have the right protection.

Whether you purchase a home for a child who is away at school, or simply want to have an additional form of income, you need the insurance coverage to protect your investment from potential risks.

Our team can offer landlord insurance protection for any residential rental property that you may own in Ontario. Depending on the type of coverage you’re looking for, we can add the rental property to your existing home insurance policy as a 2nd property, or as its own individual policy.

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Property Type & Uses of Rental Property

We know that rental properties come in all shapes and sizes, and that your insurance policy needs to suit the type of property you own. See below for the types of rental properties covered, as well as components of the properties covered by the policy and additional protection for the property owner.

Single Family Dwelling


  • Including fixtures


  • Garage
  • Garden Shed
  • Gazebo

Property of Landlord

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Tools & Equipment

Multi-Unit Dwelling


  • Including fixtures


  • Garage
  • Workshop or Shed

Property of Landlord

  • Appliances
  • Furnitures
  • Tools & Equipment

Condominium Unit

  • Personal Property of Landlord
  • Improvements & Betterment to the Unit

Condominium Contingent Coverage

  • This coverage insures the unit itself so that you are protected in the event your condominium corporation’s insurance is insufficient

Loss Assessment Coverage

  • This coverage pays your share (up to a stated limit) to cover claims for damage to the common property or for liability claims against the Condominium Corporation due to an incident that occurred on the common property

Student Boarding House

A student boarding house is characterized by three or more unrelated students living in a single residence. The property is rented by the room to each individual, who all share common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc).


  • Broad form coverage is available with conditions

Personal Property of Landlord

  • Replacement cost is available with conditions
  • Sewer backup coverage is available
  • No restrictions on age of the building

Liability Protection

Liability protection is used for claims made against you for damages to persons or property because of your negligence and ownership of the rented property. This would include the cost of defending the law suit made against you.

 Rental Income

Rental income offers protection against the loss of rental income when the dwelling is made uninhabitable by an insured loss.

Available Discounts

Multiple policy
Claims free
New construction
Age related discounts
Renewal discounts

Optional Coverage

We have a selection of optional coverage policies available, including, but not limited to:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost on the Dwelling
  • Replacement Cost on Contents
  • Sewer Backup
  • Rental Income Protection
  • Earthquake