Vision Statement

Our vision as insurance brokers in the Guelph, Shelburne, Elora, and Fergus communities is “to achieve our individual and collective potential through applied innovation in the delivery of unique value added customer experiences in a positive, profitable and progressive work environment”.

Organizational Values at The Ostic Group

At the Ostic Group, we have 5 organizational values that we uphold everyday as insurance brokers.

  • Integrity – Say what you mean and do what you say, with honesty, sincerity and empathy, acting with passion and professionalism.
  • Respect – To hold everyone in high regard such that you treat them how you would like to be treated.
  • Professionalism / Customer Service – Act in a competent manner with utmost good faith and maintain the expert knowledge to serve our clients’ best interests, all while building and maintaining strong working relationships with all whom we interact.
  • Personal Responsibility / Team Player – Take ownership and embrace personal excellence. Contribute your professional excellence to the broader team to deliver internal and external customer service that we can all be proud of.
  • Humour / Fun – Is being able to laugh and share in an environment that promotes teamwork and allows us to celebrate our collective successes.

About Our Coin

At the Ostic Group, we live and breathe our organizational values everyday. So much, in fact, that we had a coin minted that features each of these values. We hope that our employees carry it with them each day to remind them what makes the Ostic Group so special to the Elora, Fergus, Guelph, and Shelburne Communities.

Business History For The Ostic Group Insurance Brokers

Insurance in Elora, Ontario

Our Elora Insurance office can trace it’s roots back to 1907 when Sem Wissler was acting as an Agent for Waterloo Insurance. Sem operated a law practice and Insurance Business in Elora up to 1937 at which time he sold the Insurance business to R. Rumble.


Elora Community Insurance Involvement

Insurance in Fergus, Ontario

The earliest historical reference for the Fergus Insurance Office of Ostic Insurance Brokers is an operating contract from Economical Mutual Insurance company issued in 1880 to A.C. Hamilton.


Local Insurance Company History Fergus

Insurance in Guelph, Ontario

Don Leaman and Joe Croft were partners in the early 1970’s. In 1976, the name of their partnership changed to Guelph Insurance. In 1979, a partnership with Sheridan Insurance Brokers was formed to help grow the operation.


Guelph Church of Our Lady

Insurance in Shelburne, Ontario

The first insurance contract appointment for the James Pickering brokerage located in Shelburne was with Economical Insurance in 1937. This would eventually become the modern day Shelburne office for Ostic Insurance.


The Ostic Group in Dowtown Shelburne

The Ostic Group is proud to provide insurance excellence in Elora, Fergus, Guelph and Shelburne.

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