Auto Insurance in Guelph, Ontario

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” car insurance — we offer a range of personal auto insurance options to best suit your specific needs.

Everyone will use their personal vehicle differently. Some people will use a vehicle for commuting or other business needs, while others will only use it for daily errands and trips. We can help you find the coverage that fits your usage.

See below for types of driving covered, as well as discounts and additional rating available.

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More Than Just Car Insurance

At the Ostic Group, we believe that personal auto insurance should cover more than just your standard car. With so many seasonal and pleasure vehicles available today, it only makes sense that you have the best insurance options available to cover them.

Here are some of the options available for vehicle insurance in Ontario:

Antique And Classic Car Insurance

Antique and classic vehicles require special care and attention — and that’s why we partner with Hagerty to offer personal auto insurance that is specific to antique and classic automobiles.

Get coverage for a wide range of vehicles, including nickel-era cars, antique tractors, modern classics, exotic vehicles, military vehicles, and more.

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ATV Insurance

All-terrain vehicles, quads, or four-wheelers are popular vehicles for both leisure and work purposes.

When looking for ATV insurance, it’s important to find the insurance rating that is best suited to the type of ATV. Choose from recreational, utility, heavy duty, sport, and more types of ATV insurance in Ontario today.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Owning a motorcycle allows you to enjoy the freedom of the open road — but it is important to have the proper protection to keep you and your bike safe.

We offer motorcycle insurance in Ontario for a wide range of vehicles, including custom-built motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, cruiser, sport bikes, touring bikes, trikes, and more.

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RV Insurance

Recreational vehicles (RVs) like motorhomes and trailers are popular choices for people looking to travel in the comfort of their own vehicles.

Choose from a selection of insurance ratings, including fifth-wheel trailers, travel trailers, tent trailers, and more. Get RV insurance in Ontario and start your roadtrip today.

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Snowmobile Insurance

While snowmobiles may only be ridden in the winter months, you should have comprehensive insurance for your vehicle.

We offer a selection of snowmobile insurance in Ontario, with great options for touring snowmobiles, trail or sport models, deep snow or mountain models, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Personal Auto Insurance

Why is personal auto insurance important in Canada?

Personal auto insurance is important because it protects you if you accidentally cause damage to other vehicles or property, or if you injure other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians.

Personal auto insurance is also required by law across Canada. As a driver in Ontario, you are legally responsible for being insured against your liability. You should always carry a copy of your auto insurance policy in your vehicle.

What type of personal auto insurance do I need in Ontario?

Every driver in Ontario is legally required to carry a minimum amount of personal auto insurance to cover his or her liability. Read this article for more information on the legal requirements for drivers in Ontario.

Even if you carry the minimum amount, you may need more coverage to appropriately protect yourself and your vehicle. There are many types of coverage available for personal car insurance, including liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, accident benefits, transportation replacement, and more. To find out what coverage or optional rating is right for you, contact our team of auto insurance experts today.

In addition, if you have a specific type of vehicle like an antique or classic car, you may want to purchase specialized insurance to cover the specific needs of your vehicle. The same is true of motorcycles and other recreational vehicles.

Here are a few of the specific insurance products that we offer for different types of vehicles:

How much coverage for personal auto insurance do I need in Ontario?

In Ontario, the mandatory auto coverage is $200,000 for third-party liability and weekly income replacement benefits of 70% of your gross income (up to $400/week). For more information on mandatory and optional coverage for auto policies, you can read on our blog on auto legislation changes in Ontario.

Although carrying the mandatory coverage is important for drivers in Ontario, this basic coverage may not be sufficient to properly protect you and your vehicle. For example, we will often recommend that you increase your liability coverage of $200,000 to $1 million or $2 million to cover the possibility of catastrophic injuries.

The best way to find out how much personal auto insurance you need is to contact our insurance team for a consultation. Our specialists will take the time to gain a complete picture of your lifestyle and your auto insurance needs, so we can match you with the right plan.

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