May 10, 2024

Vehicle theft has reached a crisis level in Canada and internationally, with the Canadian property and casualty (P&C) industry paying out $1.2 billion in auto theft claims in 2022 alone. With economic uncertainty here now and continuing to loom on the horizon, opportunistic fraud claims are spiking. (Source: The Insurance Institute of Ontario)

While some vehicles are still going overseas to be sold, many are staying in the province/country and are being illegally altered to remove the original Vehicle Identification Numbers and resold with false information. Meanwhile, insurers like The Ostic Group are committed to supporting clients through personalized coverage plans and advice to help them protect their vehicles in 2024.

What Is Being Done to Prevent Vehicle Theft?

A photo of a man holding a key fob next to a vehicle.

Ontario and Quebec are the largest targets for vehicle thefts, based on their access to ports, making it easier to get vehicles on ships and send their parts overseas. Auto manufacturers are working on the problem by constantly developing better safety technology, anti-theft devices, and security system features to assist with the issue of stolen cars. This work includes, but isn’t limited to, key fob tech, security etchings, and making it increasingly harder for criminals to obtain access to your vehicle physically.

With all the additional efforts to safeguard vehicles from thieves, the industry may still fall short as these criminals are well organized and very well financed to overcome technological issues bypassing security systems and using software to re-key vehicles. The Federal government has also announced a significant investment intended to assist with slowing or stopping the export of stolen vehicles out of Canada.

How Will This Impact My Insurance and What Is Considered a High-Theft Vehicle?

A photo of a row of Honda CR-V vehicles in a parking lot.

While not every vehicle is at high risk for theft, insurance premiums continue to rise on many vehicle models as insurance claims costs soar. Every insurance company will be different and continue to receive ongoing claims data to adjust their own high theft lists, but generally, the most common group of stolen vehicles currently includes:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Lexus RX series
  • Dodge Ram 1500 series
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Land Rover Range Rover
  • Ford F150 series
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Honda Civic
  • Acura RDX

Keep in mind this will not be all years of these models, the newer models (from 2020-2024) are what are most commonly stolen and may be seeing a surcharge on their insurance premiums.

This isn’t meant to be alarmist. Just because you might own one of the above vehicles, it does not automatically mean you will be impacted. Insurance companies are handling theft coverage premiums in various ways:

  • Different theft lists exist; the above list isn’t exhaustive for all companies.
  • Some are only affecting vehicles parked in high-risk areas of Ontario.
  • Others are only impacting new clients, not existing ones.
  • Some companies haven’t made any changes to policies or premiums yet.

It is important to connect with your broker at The Ostic Group to ensure you know how your company is rating your specific vehicle and what your options are. As always, we carry many different insurers and can always make time to talk to you and do a full policy review together.

What Is the TAG System?

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TAG is a theft prevention, tracking, and recovery system installed in vehicles. It has a proven track record of finding and recovering stolen vehicles. TAG’s trained technicians install multiple, difficult-to-locate tracking devices throughout a vehicle. In the event of theft, these devices can be tracked at any time, anywhere in North America.

If you install the TAG system on a high theft vehicle, your surcharge will be removed, and many insurance companies also have a further anti-theft discount for vehicles with TAG installed. The TAG system is available to all consumers regardless of whether their vehicle is on the high theft list or has a surcharge on their policy. Please contact us if you would like more specific details as to whether the anti-theft discount currently applies to your policy, or how you might be able to add this further protection and rate reduction.

For more information on TAG, please visit their website at

Do I Have to Add the TAG System if My Vehicle Has the Surcharge?

TAG is not a necessity. If you decide not to install the TAG system, your $500 surcharge will remain on your policy.

Will Other Anti-Theft Systems Installed in My Vehicle Help My Premium?

Unfortunately, the insurance industry is only considering TAG as the tracking system to remove the surcharge from high-theft vehicles at this time. It was piloted first in Quebec before being adopted in Ontario. It has been proven to be very successful in vehicle recovery, so the track record was attractive to Ontario insurance companies as their option for reduced premiums and removal of surcharges.

What if I Change Vehicles in the Middle of My Insurance Term?

If you add or substitute a vehicle on your policy that is on the high-theft list for your insurance company, you will see the high theft surcharge added until a time when you decide to add the TAG system. If you are concerned the vehicle you are choosing is on the high theft list for your insurance company, contact your broker at The Ostic Group, and they can talk you through the premium and your options. In fact, it is always a good idea to check in with your existing insurance provider when you are substituting a vehicle before you buy, just to prevent any big surprises.

Your vehicle is important to protect, not only because it is one of your biggest investments, but it’s often your freedom and way to get to work and get your family where they need to go.

Contact your broker at The Ostic Group, and we can walk you through the high theft list for your Insurance company, the TAG system and thoughts on which vehicles to perhaps really consider carefully if you want a better chance of your vehicle not being a target for theft.

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