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ATVs, also know as all-terrain vehicles, quads, or four-wheelers are a popular vehicles for both pleasure riding and work purposes.

Since ATV’s are used for both work and recreation purposes, it’s important to find insurance rating that is specific to your needs. This is why we offer insurance rating that is best suited to the type of ATV and driving you do.

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Lite ATVs are designed for children, as they are much smaller than regular ATVs. These ATVs typically have engines under 150cc, but there are some categorized as Lite with engines up to 250cc.


Recreational ATVs are the most common type of all-terrain vehicles, and are designed for trail use. These ATVs are small in size, making them agile. They can be equipped with either a manual or automatic transmission, and offer seating for one or 2 people.


Utility ATVs are designed for work or hunting. These vehicles are longer and heavier than recreational ATVs, featuring larger engines and automatic transmissions to better support the hauling of cargo. Some utility ATVs feature side-by-side seating and can be equipped with racking, trailer hitches, winchestor cargo boxes.

Recreational / Utility

Recreational / Utility ATVs feature side-by-side seating with sporty looks. They are designed with more robust roll cages for better safety, and can be equipped with small snow plows and winches. Recreational / Utility ATVs can be used for either utility hauling or sport purposes.

Heavy Duty

Similar to Recreational / Utility ATVs, these vehicles have larger engines and frames to better accommodate even larger payloads. Heavy Duty ATVs are longer and heavier than other ATVs, and can be equipped with larger attachments such as plows, power loaders, dump buckets and tillers. This type of ATV can feature seating for four, supported by 6 wheels.


Sport ATVs are designed to be nimble and fast on the trail, with their light weight and agile, sleek styling. They feature responsive engines, smaller frames / bodies, and longer suspension travel to soak up the bumps, jumps and turns. Sport ATVs are available in either 2- or 4-wheel drive and are often used in competitions.



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