March 14, 2022

2021 continued to be a tough year for automakers and dealerships across Canada. In total, just 1.64 million vehicles were sold this year, compared to the abysmal 11 year low of 1.66 million sold in 2020 — a decrease of 1.42%

When looking at all types of vehicles, it’s no surprise that the Ford F-Series was still the top-selling vehicle in Canada with 116,401 units sold (down 10% YoY). The F-Series line has been the best-selling vehicle in Canada since 2009, and the top-selling truck for 57 years.

The vehicles on the overall top-10 list that had an increase in sales were the Toyota RAV4 (+7%), GMC Sierra (+4%), Honda CR-V (+14%), Honda Civic (+1%), Toyota Corolla (+21%), Hyundai Kona (+17%), and Nissan Rogue (+15%).

Once again, only two cars made the list of the best-selling vehicles, as Canadians continue to love their trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

Keep on reading to see if your favourite car made the list of the 10 best-selling cars in Canada:

Canada’s Best-Selling Cars

10. Volkswagen Golf

2021 Volkswagen Golf

Units sold: 8,587
Compared to last year: -34.5%

How do you know if you’ll love driving a Golf? If you enjoy efficiency, affordable car insurance, and versatility wrapped up in an iconic design, you should probably check out the Golf — A 2021 Car & Driver Editor’s Choice winner!

9. Nissan Sentra

2021 Nissan Sentra

Units sold: 10,017
Compared to last year: +47.2%

Everyone, please welcome the Nissan Sentra onto the top-10 car list! With a gigantic increase in year-over-year sales, the cool factor on the Sentra, combined with the inexpensive price tag that starts at just $19,598 makes it obvious why it made this year’s list. 

8. Mazda 3

Units sold: 11,804
Compared to last year: -7.6%

We’ll let this review from Drew Dorian at Car & Driver sum up the Mazda 3:

“For buyers with champagne taste but only a sparkling-cider budget, the Mazda 3 delivers a premium package at a normal compact-car price.”

It may be the slickest-looking car on this list, and it is fun to drive. If you are interested in purchasing one yourself, you better call your broker first!

Making sure you call your insurance broker is the first thing you should do after you have decided which one you want to buy. Your broker will help you avoid any surprises in your insurance rates before you sign. Make sure you check out our comprehensive guide to getting car insurance in Ontario.

7. Toyota Camry

2021 Toyota Camry

Units sold: 11,897
Compared to last year: +16.9%

The unwavering reliability of the Corolla can only be matched by our comprehensive auto insurance packages — or it’s older sibling, the Camry. If you’re a fan of family sedans, yes, you’re part of a rapidly shrinking demographic but there’s nothing not to like about the Camry. This car comes in an extremely fuel-efficient four-cylinder model, a powerful V6, and an eco-friendly hybrid. There’s something for everyone!

6. Volkswagen Jetta

2021 Volkswagen Jetta

Units sold: 12,584
Compared to last year: +19.3%

There’s a lot to like about the Jetta: It has a spacious cabin, an updated infotainment system, and a super fun and functional GLI model. Moreover, Motortrend gave it a rating of “excellent” for its 5-year cost-to-own metrics!

5. Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Units sold: 12,802
Compared to last year: +14.3%

It goes 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, gets 576km per charge, and offers drivers the peace of mind of all-wheel drive. There’s a lot to love about the Model 3 if you’re willing to pay 2-3x what the average car on this list costs.

4. Kia Forte

2021 Kia Forte

Units sold: 14,428
Compared to last year: +0.4%

After jumping from #7 to #4 in 2020, the Forte held strong in its position in 2021. With a price tag that starts at thousands less than cars like the Civic, 3, and Corolla, along with its terrific fuel consumption and easy driving, it’s safe to say that when it comes to cars in Canada, the Forte will be a bestseller for years to come.

3. Hyundai Elantra

2021 Hyundai Elantra

Units sold: 26,312
Compared to last year: +19.6%

There is a gigantic jump in total units sold between #4 and #3 on this list (11,884), and that only grew in 2021 thanks to a stellar year in sales for the Elantra.

The Elantra starts at just $17,899, comes standard with a touchscreen that works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and the Sport model features a surprisingly strong 201 horsepower engine.

Car and Driver called the Elantra a “no-nonsense, value-packed compact sedan” and that sums it up perfectly.

2. Toyota Corolla

2021 Toyota Corolla

Units sold: 40,020
Compared to last year: +20.6%

You know what you’re getting with a Toyota Corolla: Reliability, fuel economy, and resale value. This all still rings true for the Corolla, which had itself a heck of a year. 

…Oh ya, you also get safety! The Corolla earned an IIHS top safety pick, which is always a good thing to boast about.

1. Honda Civic

Units sold: 43,553
Compared to last year: +1.3%

Of Canada’s best-selling cars, the Honda Civic sedan is the only car on this list that will continue to be manufactured in Canada (Alliston, ON).

The Civic has retained the title of Canada’s favourite car for 24 straight years and this review from Car and Driver sums up how people feel about Honda’s flagship car, “Zesty handling, accommodating cabin, plenty of models and prices to choose from.”

Say goodbye to those who left us

Dropping off this year’s top-10 list are some staples in the Canadian car lineup.

The Honda Accord had what can only be described as a bad year with just 6,403 units sold, a drop of 18.37% from 2020.

Also leaving the list was the Kia Soul, which went from 9,869 units sold to just 7,344, a drop of 25.59! Yikes.

Feel free to check out the full list of all 133 cars sold in Canada by clicking here.

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