Car Insurance for Uber Drivers in Ontario

The rapid rise of the ride-sharing economy is causing big changes to auto insurance in Canada. Many new Uber drivers are looking for car insurance and it is creating a shift in the industry.


Additional Home Insurance Coverages

It seems like a part of the human condition is: the longer we are in one place, the more stuff we accumulate. Ask any homeowner if they have acquired something new for their home in the last 12 [...]


Boat & Cottage Insurance: Are You Protected?

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Umbrella Insurance Coverage

If I’m in an accident and I need to go court — does my insurance pay the legal fees? What if I’m accused of something I didn’t do — am I protected by insurance? I’m a professional — do I have [...]


Auto Insurance- FAQs & Myths

Our team gets asked a lot of different questions about auto insurance, and often what people thought was true, was actually a myth. At Ostic, we want our customers to understand their auto [...]


Local Hero – Don Vallery

The Ostic Group is proud to highlight Don Vallery as our Local Hero.  Don Vallery is the owner and operator of Highland Pines Campground & RV Sales — a fun, family destination that’s been in [...]


Aspire to Great Country Living

Everyone has their own personal reasons for living in the country instead of the city. Perhaps it’s the fresh air, the open space, the ability to enjoy your hobbies, or even the opportunity to [...]


3 Ways to Help Protect Your Parents with Insurance and Estate Planning in Ontario

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5 Situations Where You Need a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy

Looking for an inexpensive coverage option to protect you in a variety of situations? A personal liability umbrella policy will stack on top of your existing homeowner’s insurance, offering [...]


Cyber Security Tips for Your Business

Cyber security is becoming a mounting concern for businesses in Ontario and across Canada. Both large and small organizations are being targeted by hackers, and there is an increasing awareness [...]