October 4, 2022

If you have a new G1 driver in your home and have some insurance questions before they begin driving, keep reading!

Does a G1 Driver need insurance in Ontario?

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Ontario’s G1 drivers have very clear and restrictive rules and regulations on how and when they can operate a motor vehicle. Technically speaking, a G1 driver in Ontario is not considered to be fully licensed and cannot drive on the roads on their own. This means that a G1 driver cannot be added onto a policy for rating purposes or as a principal driver. However, it is strongly recommended that you contact your broker to add them to your policy as a driver as soon as they have passed their G1 test. Even though it will not immediately affect your premiums, once your newly licensed driver is added to your policy, it will make for a smoother claims process should an accident happen while they are driving.

The specific rules and limitations for driving in Ontario with a G1 can be found on the Ontario.ca website and they should be reviewed and adhered to exactly. These include, but are not limited to, zero tolerance on alcohol and impairment, restrictions for certain roadways, hours of the night where driving is prohibited, and the number and type of passengers allowed in a vehicle while they are behind the wheel.

Can you insure a vehicle with only a G1 license in Ontario?

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It is possible, though certainly much less common, to insure a car in Ontario with only a G1 license. Though it is not recommended, it is necessary to proceed this way when a person with a G1 purchases or takes ownership of a vehicle before they complete the next stage of their licensing. To become insured, they would need to find a fully-licensed driver, with at least a G2, to be listed as the principal driver on the policy prior to buying their insurance. Regardless of their ownership of the vehicle, all of the strict driving requirements will remain in place for the G1 driver. If this is something that you are considering, we strongly recommend contacting a broker and getting some quotes in advance of buying a vehicle, to avoid any surprises with rates and/or restrictions. Once the G1 driver obtains their G2 licence, they should be added as the principal driver of the vehicle.

Can someone drive my car if they aren’t listed on my policy?

Person handing a driver a car key

Yes. All drivers in Ontario, including those with a G1 license, are insured and protected through the auto policies of the vehicles that they are driving at the time of an accident or loss. This means that anyone can borrow a vehicle as long the following criteria are met:

  • They have permission from the registered owner of a vehicle (not just someone in their home or family)
  • The vehicle has the appropriate insurance to cover the ensuing loss
  • The driver has a valid license and is following all licensing conditions at the time of a claim

Claims that occur will almost certainly stay with the vehicle which is why it is so important that every vehicle owner be careful when they loan their car to others. When you loan your vehicle, you loan your insurance and your own good claims record.

Do you have any other questions regarding auto insurance?

If you have any questions about auto insurance please ask us. Reach out to our team and let us help you with your unique insurance needs.

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