February 24, 2015

Winter has the tendency to send Canadians packing for warmer climates, and vacations are a great way to take a break and thaw for a couple of weeks in the middle of our coldest season. Anyone planning to take a trip this winter, or ever, should consider having travel insurance.

Health insurance varies from province to province, but one thing they all have in common is that they rarely cover medical costs outside of the province. Some health care is covered by Canadian insurance, but that is also limited to costs in Canada. If you are travelling and need medical help for anything, no matter how small or big, you will be paying for it out of your pocket.

Insure yourself before you travel so that if any accidents happen you are covered. Depending on the issue your medical cost could be equal to or significantly more than the cost of your vacation. Depending on the plan that you choose, travel insurance can cover medical expenses, baggage losses, travel accidents, or trip cancellations.

Make sure that you know how you are covered before your travel. Insurance plans always have predetermined limits so that you know exactly what you can expect from them. If you want help picking a plan, one of our sales representatives can help you get the plan that fits best with what you need.

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