February 22, 2016

Economical Insurance from The Ostic Group in Guelph, Elora, Fergus, ShelburneSnowmobiling is a great way to get outside during the winter, but it’s important to be safe about it. Some things should be obvious: don’t drink and drive, wear the appropriate gear, and make sure you have enough gas. Here are a few other tips for safe snowmobiling:

1. Ride in a Group

It is never recommended to ride alone while snowmobiling. If something goes wrong or your snowmobile breaks down, the cold weather can be extremely dangerous. Make sure you use the buddy system. When riding in single file, also remember to use the 3 second rule and space yourselves out—just like you would when driving.

2. Check Your Machine

Before you head out for a ride, make sure your machine is in good working condition. Having a basic familiarity with the different parts of the vehicle is a good idea. If you don’t feel confident giving it a check-up yourself, take it to a mechanic! This will ensure your snowmobile doesn’t break down in a sticky spot.

3. Check the Weather

When you’re planning a longer trip, it’s especially important to know the weather conditions in advance. Check for storm weather or extreme cold, so you can adjust your plans if necessary. With the warmer weather coming, being aware of the temperature can influence your route—you don’t want to go across a lake or river if it’s warm outside.

4. Watch for Open Water

This winter has been one for extreme temperature shifts, which makes this piece of advice especially important. As spring approaches, it becomes more and more of a concern. So if you’re going snowmobiling this late in the season, make sure you don’t venture out onto the ice unless you’re absolutely sure that it’s safe.

5. Get Insurance Coverage

If you don’t have insurance for your snowmobile yet, it’s time to get it! You need insurance to go snowmobiling and the good news is you can get snowmobile insurance as an addition to your regular home or auto policies, depending on your provider.


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