May 26, 2015

Do you remember when you told your mom that you were getting a motorcycle? Unless you grew up in a family where this was common, she probably wasn’t happy about it. And with good reason! Statistics show that serious injuries are far more likely to result from motorcycle accidents than car accidents, which is why motorcycle safety is so important.

In this post, the team at the Ostic Group would like to share some of their tips for motorcycle safety and how you can minimize risk while you’re out riding.

  1. Gear Up! – Out on the road, you’re exposed to the elements, as well as other vehicles. On sunny days, you might be tempted to put on lighter clothing, but there’s a reason bikers wear leather: it protects them! If your bike slides out, even jeans won’t do much to shield your legs. Invest in some good riding gear, including a jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and a helmet! Your head is important — use it and be safe about riding.
  2. Lights for the Night – Because of their size, motorcycles are much harder to spot on the roads at night. You don’t want to be overlooked by an oncoming driver, so make sure your lights work and keep you visible. Consider buying some reflective strips for your clothing or bike to help it stand out. Make sure you light up the night!
  3. Check the Weather – Everyone hates driving in bad weather, but rain or snow can be an extra hazard for motorcycles. It’s much easier for wheels to slip when you only have two of them! Poor conditions also decrease visibility and impair your physical state, especially if you’re not wearing appropriate clothing. Remember to check the weather before going on a long day’s ride. You’ll thank yourself later!
  4. Be a Defensive Rider – Most young drivers get taught defensive driving when they’re learning. These skills are even more important for motorcyclists. If a motorcycle gets in an accident with a car, the rider is probably going to be worse off than the other driver. You don’t want to put yourself in that position. Try to form defensive riding habits: leave yourself an escape route, don’t sit in blind spots, and stay aware of the traffic around you.
  5. Keep Your Bike in Good Repair – This should be common sense, but it’s amazing how many people neglect their vehicles. Proper maintenance is especially important for motorcycle owners. If your bike breaks down at the wrong moment, the repercussions can be very serious. So remember to take your vehicle into the shop regularly and get it checked out before any big road trips!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips! Owning a motorcycle is a blast and if you’re careful about it, there should be no reason to worry. Keeping your bike insured will bring you peace of mind, but you still want to do everything possible to avoid an accident. This will keep your premiums low and keep you out on the road!

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