December 8, 2020

If you’ve ever had your vehicle stolen or broken into, you know how much financial and emotional hardship it can bring to your life. Unfortunately, stolen vehicles are a common problem in Canada. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a vehicle is stolen every six minutes and auto thefts cost Canadians almost $1 billion every year.

From the point of view of the insurance industry, insurers spend $542 million each year to fix or replace stolen vehicles — and the costs don’t end there. Stolen vehicles impact police resources, the court system, health care, and correctional services.

As you can tell, the ripple effect of vehicle theft is far and wide.

In this blog, we share what the 10 most-stolen vehicles are in Canada and how you can help prevent your vehicle from being broken into or stolen.

The most-stolen vehicles

A Honda CR-V, the most stolen vehicle in Canada

If you see your vehicle on this list, be aware that thieves appear to take a liking to your ride. Take the extra initiative to ensure it’s locked and protected.

  1. 2018 HONDA CR-V 4DR AWD SUV
  2. 2017 LEXUS RX350/RX450h 4DR AWD SUV
  3. 2017 HONDA CR-V 4DR AWD SUV
  4. 2018 LEXUS RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL 4DR AWD SUV
  5. 2018 FORD F150 4WD PU
  6. 2019 HONDA CR-V 4DR AWD SUV
  9. 2019 LEXUS RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL 4DR AWD SUV
  10. 2017 DODGE RAM 1500 4WD PU

Click here for regional lists.

How to protect your vehicle from theft

Step 1: Hide your key fob

Sometimes, the best prevention is the most obvious prevention.

Never leave your fob in your vehicle or clearly visible in the entrance of your home. Thieves can use wireless transmitters to transmit the signal from your key fob to your vehicle. This is called a relay attack and it can allow thieves to open your door and start your car without ever having touched your fob.

According to Popular Mechanics, here’s how it works:

“Each person carries a relay box, which can be purchased for as little as $20 online. The boxes can pick up the radio frequency from a car key fob that’s sitting on a table inside, hung up on a key rack, or even resting in a purse. The relay boxes allow one person to stand near the home to pick up and amplify the key fob signal and then transmit it to the second box, which the other person holds outside the door of a car. Once the key fob signal reaches the second box, it unlocks the door, as the car thinks you’re holding your key fob nearby. Now the criminals just have to drive away without getting caught and then change the locks.”

Step 2: Install an electronic vehicle immobilizer

An electronic vehicle immobilizer (sometimes just called an immobilizer) can fit into just about any vehicle. It prevents your vehicle’s engine from running unless the correct key (the smart key) is present.

Immobilizers are an easy way to prevent your vehicle from being “hot wired”. One study showed a 40% reduction in car theft using an immobilizer.

Step 3: Install a GPS tracking device

You can buy them online or you can inquire with your local mechanic or vehicle insurance provider. Whatever route you choose, we highly recommend a GPS tracker.

While a tracking device won’t stop your vehicle from being stolen in the first place, it will alert the authorities to the location of your vehicle.

Modern tracking devices operate in real-time via an app on your phone, and can be used for both personal and commercial vehicles.

Step 4: Don’t make your vehicle an easy target

Car parked in a dimly lit lot.

There are so many ways to dissuade thieves from targeting your vehicle, including:

  • Always lock your doors and windows
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area (if there is a lack of light, get one installed)
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle
  • Install a visual (light) or audible (alarm) device on your vehicle (consider advertising these devices with a sticker or decal)
  • Never leave a running vehicle unattended
  • If you have a garage, park your vehicle inside of it and ensure that both the garage and your vehicle are locked
  • Install a security system at your home

Keep your insurance rates low by taking precautions

By following these four steps, you can greatly reduce the chances that your car will be broken into or stolen. In turn, this will help to keep your insurance rates as low as possible.

If you have any questions about insurance for your daily commuter, commercial vehicle, or classic car, make sure to contact us. We’re here to help!

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  1. Some suggest keeping the smart key in a metal box.
    An easier way is to turn it off when not in use and also save the battery. My RAV4 is turned off by pressing the unlock button twice while pressing and holding the lock button. Pressing any button reactivates it

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