April 6, 2016

Hey there music lovers! Did you know that Kazoo! Fest is right around the corner? This annual arts and music festival in the city of Guelph starts on April 6 and finishes on April 10. (Yes it’s longer than a weekend!)

Founded as a music series back in 2006 by a collective of Guelph-based musicians, this artist-run, not-for-profit organization is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! You can expect to see and hear an amazing array of independent local artists and musicians like Matt Monoogian, Minotaurs, LUKA, Above Top Secret, ANAMAI, BART, Bonjay, Bonnie Trash, Cold on Pluto, Cris Derksen, Cupcake Ductape, Elaquent, Emay, Fiver, Germaine Liu, Haolin Munk, Keita Juma and more showcasing their talents.

The performers this year also include acts from across Canada, such as Chad Van Gaalen (Alberta), Julie Doiron (New Brunswick), Beat Cops (Quebec), Dories (Quebec), Gambletron (Quebec) and even some from across the border (Kid Millions & Jim Sauter Duo)!

But Kazoo! Fest offers more than just amazing songs from emerging musicians. There will be a Guelph Night Market hosting local vendors, a Print Expo presenting the work of local illustrators, book binders, printmakers, comic creators, and zinesters. Live Visuals will be provided by Brandon Dalmer, Karl Skene, Peter Rahul, Vanessa Rieger, and VERSA – Analog Arsenal. There will also be live performances by dancers and musicians as part of Capacitance, an “inter-media, multidisciplinary, improvisatory performance series.” The Making Box will be presenting a performance called Tour Stories, in two parts. Finally, Kazoo! Fest will be presenting the dance event called Short&Sweet.

Be sure to check out the entire five day schedule on their website (http://kazookazoo.ca/schedule-2016/). Purchase your tickets at the door (unless otherwise noted) or with a Crony Pass (the all-access Kazoo! Fest Pass). They’re available at The Bookshelf (41 Quebec Street, Guelph) or online via Ticketbreak!

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