These snowmobiles are designed for long, comfortable rides on groomed trails. Touring snowmobiles can include a higher windshield, heated hand grips, a rear passenger backrest and other creature comforts.

Trail / Sport

These snowmobiles are designed for trail use. Trail / Sport snowmobiles provide the rider with a versatile mix of handling and comfort.


Utility snowmobiles are designed for both on and off trail riding. These vehicles are longer, slightly wider and heavier than other snowmobiles. They also have the capability to haul a work sled or toboggan.

Deep Snow / Mountain

These snowmobiles are designed for use in deep snow, off trail and climbing slopes. The key characteristic of deep snow / mountain snowmobile is that the track is longer than trail purpose snowmobiles, and this enables better maneuverability in deeper snow.

Hybrid / Crossover

These snowmobiles are designed for use on and off trail. Hybrid / Crossover snowmobiles also have a longer track, which enables them to be used in deeper snow.


These snowmobiles are designed to be nimble and fast on the trail. Performance snowmobiles usually have a higher output engine and a lighter weight than other snowmobiles


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