November 25, 2015

At the Ostic Group, we are proud of our 135-year history. During this time, we have had the unique opportunity to see our community, and our nation, grow to become what it is today. It is not often that we get to partner with an organization that shares this long history, but it does happen.

Halwell Mutual has been a part of our community for 154 years, celebrating their 150th anniversary in 2011. In 1968, Puslinch Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Eramosa Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and the Halton Union Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company amalgamated to become Halwell Mutual. The new Halwell Mutual made the decision to use the charter from the Eramosa Mutual Fire Insurance Company, as its roots go back to 1861. That’s a full six years before the Canadian Federation!

Having been a part of our community for over 150 years, their team has seen Halton and Wellington county grow from small farming towns to the vibrant communities they are today. This unique point of view gives them a strong understanding of what insurance coverage their clients need. Working with a local insurance company means that you’ll never have to use a “one-size-fits-all” policy; they understand the specific needs that come with owning a home, farm, business or vehicle in Halton and Wellington County.

When you choose The Ostic Group as your insurance broker, and your policy gets placed with Halwell Mutual as your insurance provider, you’re more than just a number. The Halwell Mutual team is committed to providing quality insurance products and after claims service.

Halwell also offer their clients free loss prevention services with their dedicated loss prevention analyst. Their analyst assesses the assets that are to be insured to determine if there is anything that can be done, such as a vehicle upgrade or an increase in property security, that will reduce the chance of damage or theft. Only once they know this will they draft a customized insurance policy. It is this attention to the small details that has allowed them to successfully protect their clients for over 150 years.

Today, Halwell Mutual is proud to have 15 in-office employees, and be represented by 22 independent insurance brokers, including The Ostic Group. With roughly 11,000 policyholders, Halwell Mutual proves that growing roots in your community pays off. It is this community-centric focus that makes Halwell Mutual an Ostic partner for life.

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