August 25, 2015

At The Ostic Group, we are proud to partner with insurance carriers that not only put their customers first but also make an impact in the communities they are located in. In our company’s over 135 year history, we have found that when we work with partners who have the same values as our team, the relationships are strong and long-lasting.

One of these such partners is Aviva Canada, a part of the Aviva International network. Aviva Canada provides providing coverage for both personal and commercial insurance needs. Globally, they are known for their specialization in trailers, watercraft, and antique collector cars through their relationship with Hagerty. Aviva Canada has been a partner of our brokerage through Pilot Insurance since 1983, and we continue to be impressed with the comprehensive coverage they provide to our clients.

Outside of their industry work, Aviva Canada has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. They believe that being a good Canadian business means being a good citizen too, and they display this belief in the community through their support of local charities and social causes. With an aim of being recognized as a leading Canadian insurer focused on positive, sustainable change, Aviva Canada focuses their philanthropic efforts on four main initiatives:

Aviva Community Fund
Through the Aviva Community Fund, Aviva Canada invests $1 million annually in supporting community initiatives across Canada. What’s great about this fund is that it has the flexibility to support any type of community organization. In the past, funds have been allocated to programs focused on helping at-risk youth, protecting the environment, and furthering cultural and recreational activities, to name a few. Since 2009, Aviva Canada is proud to have awarded $5.5 million to over 191 community projects across Canada.

Canadian Red Cross
By working with the Canadian Red Cross, Aviva Canada is able to protect more than just their customers from disastrous unforeseen events. Their support of the Canadian Red Cross goes beyond just writing a cheque, however. Through their involvement with the “Ready When the Time Comes”, Aviva Canada employees and their broker partners are trained to mobilize as community-based volunteers in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction
As an insurance carrier, Aviva Canada knows first hand how inclement weather can impact communities and those individuals and businesses in it. Through their work with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Aviva Canada is taking a leadership role in helping businesses and homeowners learn how they can prevent loss from weather-related disasters.

My Community Fund
As a multinational company, Aviva Canada trusts their employees to use their first-hand local knowledge to help identify community organizations that would benefit from their support. Through the My Community Fund, Aviva Canada employees have the opportunity to take time off for volunteering purposes and will have their personal donations matched when they donate to their favourite local charities each year. Aviva Canada owes everything to their employees, and this fund gives them an opportunity to thank them by supporting what matters most to them.

At The Ostic Group, we are proud to be leaders in our community. Through our relationship with Aviva Canada, we have the opportunity to spread this leadership beyond Guelph, Fergus, Elora, and Shelburne, reaching deserving communities across the nation. It is this focus on community support that makes Aviva Canada an Ostic partner for life.

This is Aviva Canada.

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