April 1, 2020

Download Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire

The Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire is a downloadable resource for homeowners that are applying for insurance and that use solid fuel in their home, such as for a wood stove or wood-burning fireplace. The form is developed by the Centre for the Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) and used to provide extra information on your heating unit, chimney, clearance, and loss prevention.

For more information on cases where a Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire is required for your insurance application, you can contact our team.

View the full text of the Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire form below:



Download PDF Version

What’s Included on the Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire?

The Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire requires the homeowner to submit information on the following:

  • Your name and address
  • General information for your brokerage
  • Heating unit details
  • Unit installation details
  • Specifics of your chimney
  • Clearance for your heating unit
  • Loss prevention measures
  • Other general remarks
  • And more

The document requires various pieces of information about your type of heating unit. For example, whether it is a fireplace, wood furnace, oil furnace, wood stove, and so on. It also requires the applicant to specify details about the chimney construction.

The document includes a diagram of the clearance of your unit, in order to help with measuring distances from the side wall, back wall, ceiling, heat shield, etc. It also asks you to provide details on your loss prevention measures, including ash disposal, the use of smoke detectors, and the presence of fire extinguishers in your home.

Why do I need the Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire?

If your home has a heating unit that requires solid fuel, The Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire is a necessary part of your application process for a home insurance policy at The Ostic Group.

This document provides our team of insurance brokers with additional information about the construction and uses of your heating unit, in order to provide appropriate coverage for you and your home.

If anything should change regarding the use and construction of your unit, its clearance, loss prevention, or other details related to your heating unit, it is important to notify your local insurance broker right away so they can make any necessary changes to your policy.

After you complete this form, email it to quote@theosticgroup.com to start the process.

Contact us to discuss your home insurance policy with The Ostic Group today.

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