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Can you hear it? The roar of the engine…the hum of the tires on the road…the ‘ooooh and ahhhh’ sounds of the people you pass on the sidewalks. Yes, it’s almost time to get out your classic car and enjoy another season of driving.

Before you pull off the dust cover from your beauty, we recommend making sure that you have the appropriate coverage to take it out on the road.

Get better coverage for less

At Ostic, we partner with Hagerty insurance. Hagarty is a niche insurance provider — they are solely focused on classic cars and have a thorough understanding of the value of your automobile, types of usage, and coverages.

Hagerty prides itself on providing better coverage built for classics at a price you can afford.

Coverages may include:

  • Flexible usage: allowing for the ability to cruise around town or drive to a car show.
  • Flatbed roadside assistance: offering best-in-class, guaranteed, roadside assistance.

You also have the option to add Hagerty Plus® coverage to your plan. This additional coverage was created specifically with temperamental classic cars in mind, and provides you with 24/7 full-service towing and roadside assistance program for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, and more.

Classic car valuation

We know that every classic car owner prides themselves on maintaining their vehicle. Whether you display it at car shows or take your better half for a ride, your classic car is highly valuable.

Determining the value of your classic car can be a complex task requiring the referencing of historic values against your particular vehicle, current values of similar vehicles for sale online, model history and specifications, and financial benchmark indices.

The good news is that Hagerty makes this process easy with their online valuation tool. You can receive an accurate valuation of your classic car, classic truck, classic military vehicle, trailer, tractor, or even a vehicle in process of restoration.

Click here to learn more about the Hagerty valuation tool and classic car market trends.

Qualifying for classic car insurance

Qualifying is easy — all you need is a ‘daily driver’ in your household to qualify your classic car as a ‘pleasure-use vehicle’.

Insuring your classic car as a pleasure-use vehicle means that you won’t have any fixed restrictions or mile limitations on your classic, and you will be protected with full coverage for liability, collision, comprehensive, and loss of use.

The Ostic Group is proud to provide Hagerty insurance to our customers. Hagerty has the most knowledgeable claims team in the insurance industry with over 300 hundred employees focusing on the antique and classic market to properly assess and manage damage to classic vehicles.

For more information on classic car insurance, contact the team at Ostic. We’ll help make sure you’re covered when you get your classic out on the road.

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