July 3, 2017

2017 is a big year for our beloved country as we celebrate the sesquicentennial. It’s also a big year for Ostic as we celebrate our 137 year anniversary!

Ostic is proud of our heritage and our community, and we take pride in providing insurance solutions to protect members of our community since 1880. As we look back on the tremendous achievements and growth of our country over the last 150 years, we thought we’d share some highlights about The Ostic Group’s history and impact.

The Ostic Group- Logo
A brief history of Ostic Insurance

  • 1880- The Elora Insurance Office can trace its roots back to an operating contract  from Economical Mutual Insurance company issued to A.C. Hamilton.
  • 1925- The Fergus office can trace its roots back to St. Andrew Street.
  • 1950s- The Elora office moves to its current location on Metcalfe Street.
  • 1957- The Elora business is purchased by Hugh M. Waind from James Fasken.
  • 1964- Ivan Ostic enters business with Jack Milligan of Milligan Insurance.
  • 1967- Firm becomes Milligan-Ostic.
  • 1967-1977- Ivan Ostic purchased Northmore Insurance, Youngblood Insurance, McNiven Insurance, and bought out Jack Milligan.
  • 1977- Ostic Insurance became incorporated.
  • 1979-1981- Ivan Ostic’s sons enter the Fergus business.
  • 1980- Hugh’s son, Tom, enters the business.
  • 1983- Ostic Insurance Brokers purchases the Shelburne Insurance Agency.
  • 1987- Ostic Insurance Brokers purchases Hawkins Insurance.
  • 1992- Ostic Insurance Brokers purchases Guelph Insurance Brokers and the Gilchrist  Agency.
  • 1995- Waind Insurance Brokers merges with Ostic Insurance Brokers.
  • 1998- Ostic purchases Milt Ball Insurance Brokers, Guelph.
  • 2001- Jamie Ostic becomes President and Tom Waind becomes Vice-President of Ostic Insurance Brokers.
  • 2013- Ostic Insurance Brokers purchases Steele & Steele Insurance Brokers, Guelph.

Community contributions

We take pride in helping members of our community achieve individual and collective potential and we believe in giving back. Over the years, Ostic has supported countless events, fundraisers, and important causes. Here are a few highlights:

  • Centre Wellington Ball Hockey Tournament
  • Shelburne Ride for Dialysis
  • Shelburne Heritage Music Festival
  • Fergus Truck Show
  • Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games
  • Guelph Ribfest
  • Curl for a Cause
  • 2013 Curl For A Cause
  • Elora Festival
  • Orangeville SPCA
  • Dufferin County Museum and Archives
  • Shepherds Cupboard Food Bank
  • Kidney Foundation Of Canada
  • Camp Dorset Ride for Dialysis
  • Dufferin County Big Brothers & Sisters
  • Cure Foundation – 2013 Denim Day
  • Elora Lions Christmas Parade
  • Fergus Lions Christmas Parade
  • Elora Rocks Hockey
  • Fergus Devils Hockey
  • Elora Cooperative Preschool (Easter Egg Hunt)
  • Shelburne Lions
  • Guelph Food Bank
  • Shelburne Muskies Hockey
  • Shelburne Schooners Baseball
  • Shelburne Diabetes Pro-Am Golf Tournament
  • Ride for Sight
  • 2013 Adopt-A-Family
  • Fergus Antique And Classic Car Show
  • Aviva Community Fund
  • Jennifer Widbur Hockey Tournament
  • Ostic Ball Hockey Tournament

We wish all of our clients, partners, and members of our community a joyous Canada Day!


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