Custom Built

A custom built motorcycle is one that is usually built to the purchasers specifications. This bike is built using new and unique custom made parts.


A moped is a motor-assisted bicycle with pedal. This bike has an engine of no more than 50 cm3 (49 cc), no clutch or gearbox and a maximum attainable speed of 50 km/h.

Motor Scooter

A scooter is a limited-speed motorcycle. This bike has an engine of no more than 50 cm3, and a maximum attainable speed of 70 km/h.


Cruiser motorcycles are bikes styled after American machines from the 1930s to the early 1960s, such as those made by Harley-Davidson, and Indian.


Sport motorcycles are those which emphasize speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering on paved roads.


Standard motorcycles, also called naked bikes or roadsters, are versatile, general purpose street bikes.


Touring motorcycles are specifically designed to excel at covering long distances. They have large-displacement engines, fairings and screens that offer good weather and wind protection, large-capacity fuel tanks for long ranges between fill-ups, and a relaxed, upright seating position


Trikes are vehicles manufactured with three wheels, such as the Harley Tri Glide Harley Street Glide Trike, and Can-Am Spyder.

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