What is DreamQuest®?

DreamQuest® is our exclusive seven-step financial planning process that determines your financial goals with professional advisory support for implementation and achievement.

Discussions with you help us determine your goals and overall financial situation to make recommendations for desired results. The process begins by gathering information to identify your financial resources and obligations. We listen, and help you to better understand the financial planning process, strategies, products and services.

Independent and objective planning advice putting client interests first is given so you can make smart choices toward financial success. Budget and save, buy a home, educate your child or plan for retirement with help from a professional financial planner.

Keep Your Quest on Track

As a result of our DreamQuest ® financial planning process analysis we consider all your issues and create a Charted Wealth Plan that builds and preserves wealth to fund the quest for your dreams.

Taking into account your values and risk tolerance an astute portfolio of investment and insurance holdings is assembled to fulfill your plan. Our knowledge of current tax laws and tax planning can maximize your assets for your lifetime and the beneficiaries of your estate.

We carefully select world-class money managers when planning to protect, invest and preserve your wealth.

Welcome change and take comfort in knowing you have a Charted Wealth Plan made for you that adapts easily to the changes throughout your life.

Grow With Us

Regular monitoring and progress reviews with you ensure your Charted Wealth Plan stays current. This ongoing evaluation allows us to capture what is new or better and make adjustments required to help you achieve your life dreams. You can feel confident your plan is always up to date with your personal circumstances. With a plan you believe in and can follow, you’ll have more time to live life on purpose.

Professional financial planning provides individual answers to your personal financial situation giving proper consideration to all your needs. With realistic expectations, enough time and adequate funding, dreams can come true. Take time today, plan for tomorrow by making Ostic Financial Group Your Partner in Financial Security.

Questions about your DreamQuest®?

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