May 29, 2018

We are excited to showcase Roberta Scarrow in this edition of The Ostic Group Local Hero Spotlight.

Roberta Scarrow is the Executive Director of the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Originally from BC, Roberta worked for the provincial government before moving to Fergus in 2002 and finishing her grade 12 studies. As part of completing her schooling, she was required to complete a work placement, and she chose ‘Information Services’.

There were many career steps following her schooling including, working part-time with Information Services at the Elora Library, and then becoming the General Manager of the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

“I had gotten to know some of the businesses in town and it was a natural transition for me. Everyone in town has been so nice. Business owners were supportive and worked with me to help connect people and make our business community stronger. The Fergus and Elora communities are just beautiful. They are places where people watch out for each other.”

Now, Roberta helps to run numerous programs in our community, including:

  • The Awards of Excellence which is a great celebration of community. 15 awards are handed out annually and range from Citizen of the Year, Youth Citizen of the Year, 25 Years in Business, 40 Years in Business, and from Agriculture to Environment, to Customer Service.
  • Chamber Plus Network Groups to help entrepreneurs and professionals in the community network and connect.
  • A monthly breakfast / learning event designed to help grow our local business community share best practices.
  • Business After Hours which highlights and offers tours of local businesses and opportunities to network.
  • Local Business Night at Grand River Raceway in Elora
  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Business Showcase Event featuring a tabletop trade show in October to highlight local businesses.
  • Wine Tour in Niagara

Making A Difference

The the announcement of Bill 148 (Ontario’s plan for fair workplaces and better jobs), had a big impact on our community, and Roberta felt that it was an honour to be in a position to help inform our local business community about the realities of the bill.

“I’m really proud to have seen our business community come together and voice their opinion, rally, and leverage the resources of the Chamber of Commerce to stand up and create the change that is required. On July 1st, 2018, the calculation for public holiday pay will revert to the way it was in 2017, before Bill 148. To be a part of that is amazing, I love helping the community.”

The Future

Roberta’s next goal is to get the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce accredited.

Accreditation is a formal acknowledgement that member chambers of commerce/boards of trade have been successfully evaluated by the CACC against rigorous national standards of policy, service and performance including:

  • Strategic focus on core chamber activities.
  • Uniform practices and policies across the network.
  • Dependable governance procedures.
  • Distinctive brand identity.
  • A competitive edge against other business organizations.
  • A stronger “voice of business” in your community.
  • An increased role in national and international policy advocacy.

Accreditation would mean that the Chamber would have the foundation to run successfully for the next 10 years and beyond. Roberta believes: “What you give out, comes back around to flourish.”

If you interested in knowing more about the Chamber, or what they do, please call 519-843-5140 or or visit their website at

Roberta, The Ostic Group thanks you for being a local hero.

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