July 7, 2016

For the month of July, The Ostic Group would like to showcase a truly extraordinary Local Hero, Heidi from Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant.

Mrs. Mitchell’s is located in a former one-room schoolhouse, just outside Shelburne, and named in tribute to the school’s last and longest-serving teacher. Heidi’s parents opened the renovated schoolroom in 1980. It was initially planned as a tearoom, but it ended up being a full-service restaurant. For over 25 years, Mrs. Mitchell’s has offered a combination of fine dining and historic charm to guests from around the region.

To hear the story of Mrs. Mitchell’s, watch our video interview with Heidi!

Heidi was 7 years old when the restaurant opened. She was very close to her parents as a child and began working in the dining room as a hostess at age 9. When Heidi graduated from high school, working in Mrs. Mitchell’s became a full-time job and Heidi decided this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. For many years, she and her mother worked side-by-side. Even after losing her mother 5 years ago, Heidi continued to run Mrs. Mitchell’s with the same dedication as before.

“My parents put their life into this and we have a clientele that loves this,” Heidi explains.

Heidi did add more modern touches to the place to “make it her own.” However, one thing that remained consistent was the food. Over the years, Mrs. Mitchell’s has gained the reputation of being the type of restaurant where you could never have a bad meal. The consistent quality of the food was a big thing for Heidi’s mother, and Heidi has continued to uphold this tradition.

Heidi’s dedication to her community, her clientele and her family is what makes her The Ostic Group’s Local Hero for July!

Watch the video above to learn more about Mrs. Mitchell’s or visit their website to book a reservation.

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